DZR Butterscotch - 2 Straws
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Start Time:3/17/2023 12:00:00 PM
End Time:3/19/2023 2:22:00 AM
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High bidder:148 (Texas)
Starting Bid:$100.00
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2 Straws of DRZ BUTTERSCOTCH stored at Bullnanza. Here is your chance for a Linebred Golden Boy buck that was used on our farm for 2 years before he had an injury which damaged his ability to breed. We had him collected and got a limited amount of semen. We have sold a couple of daughters and retained the daughter we got from Butterscotch. The does I sold and kept have been great does with great mothering abilities. He was a shorter framed buck that had muscling and bone like no other kiko. I trimmed Butterscotch’s feet one time the 3 years he was on our farm and was wormed once during the time he was injured. Due to his injury and limited amount of semen I could get I can’t guarantee how much more semen will be available. This will be a buck that I will flush with in the future due the of quality of kids I have seen.

Please reach out to JD Gibson if you have any questions regarding this lot 580-761-8005.

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