CVK 709
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CVK 709 was born and raised a twin by one of our top purebred does, CVK Ryback’s Jessa E45. Jessa’s sire, CVK Ryback, was our doe maker from the June bloodline. His daughters have been some of our best mothers. He has also produced some outstanding sons, one of which finished 2nd overall on the 2017 West Virginia buck test. Her sire is CVK Chinook WV18, which was a top 10 ADG buck & finished 12th overall on the 2018 West Virginia test. Chinook had several sons do well on performance tests also. On the 2019 Langston test, he had a son finish 1st in ADG on the “pasture” portion of the test and he wasn’t dewormed. Also on the “feed” portion of that test he had another son,CVK Havoc, finish 1st in ADG and 2nd in feed efficiency. On the 2020 West Virginia test his son, CVK Mezo WV20, took 1st in REA, 8th in FEC, and was the top overall buck. On the 2022 West Virginia test his son, JDR Diamond’s Hulk, took the overall top buck honors. Weight on 2-12-2023 79lbs Vaccinations- CD&T and CL Vac ( only given once decided to discontinue use after talking with our vet) Please reach out to Kendall if you have any questions regarding this lot 859-749-7584.


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