HKF Gertrude
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HKF Gertrude (D.O.B. 01-01-2022) is a granddaughter of DRZ Willie and WMB Hobo. She weighs 70.5 lbs and is a clean 2 teat doe. Her dam has raised the largest kid of the year two years in a row. Gertrude is a twin. She is CDT and C.L. vaccinated and has never been wormed. She is going to be a great doe. Gertrude comes from a long line of parasite resistant and extremely productive, hardy animals.

In over 20 years of raising Kikos, HKF Hobo’s Rebel tied the Hancock Kiko Farm weaning weight record of 70 lbs at 90 days. This buck is the genetic equivalent of a LRF Pango Hua son and is a son of WMB Hobo. His greatest strength is his unique ability to pass on his extreme parasite resistance and hardiness to his descendants without sacrificing growth rates. Please reach out to Guy Hancock if you have any questions regarding this lot 229-425-6279.

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